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Free online information

On our platform, you can find all the information you need. We provide free 5 min. advice about how you can solve your problem yourself.

Our online tools

Miss Legal provides you with a next level educational and do-it-yourself platform with online tools to make your life easier.

Legal professionals

At Miss Legal, you can hire legal professional for legal advice, negotiating with a counterparty and representation in court.




Miss Legal offers legal assistance in Belgium, India, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Surinam, Turkey, UK and Ukraine. We speak English, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic and Portuguese. We offer our consultations through (video) calls and in writing.

Sharing knowledge:

Miss Legal empowers her clients to solve their problems themselves. We do this through comprehensible advice, useful blogs and inspiring workshops that we provide - also - on behalf of educational institutions, international organizations and the government.

Strategic partner:

Miss Legal is your strategic partner who guides you with the business side of your life. We help expats, entrepreneurs and families with all kinds of legal matters. Present your problem to Miss Legal and immediately get a practical solution that will make you feel smarter and stronger.

One-Stop Legal Shop:

Miss Legal works in teams of lawyers, tax specialists, financial advisors, lawyers, notaries, private investigators and business coaches. This makes Miss Legal the only one-stop legal shop where you get help in all possible areas, both nationally and internationally.

Fixed Fees:

Submit your question or problem to Miss Legal and you will immediately receive a handy advice or a practical solution. With us, you do not pay per hour, but a fixed amount per session, advice or solution.

Accessible every day:

Miss Legal has no traditional offices, office hours or open days from nine to five. We work fully online, fast and are available seven days a week. Ask Miss Legal a question and get an answer within 24 hours!










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What clients say

Max Ross
We have experienced the cooperation with Miss Legal as very pleasant. The communication went very well, our agreement was ready very quickly and our feedback was well processed.

Celeste Jonker
Our company is based on two creative wedding designers set out to arrange great weddings throughout the world. We had all the skills but lacked legal knowledge. Miss Legal gave tailored advice and coined great T&C's for us.

Drica Silva
Through Miss Legal, things are arranged very well and quickly. You can then move forward without having to go into legal matters that you do not really understand.

Cindy van der Peelt
LOOkX is an identity, a 'way of living' for everyone who prefer top quality, honest products. Our line of expertise is skincare, makeup & accessories. Miss Legal got our back devising the best general conditions for our business.

Vivian Acquah
I heard of Miss Legal from its very own founder and entrepreneur Karina Holwerda. Karina is on a drive to empower women into business. She uplifted my business sense & pushed me to find my dream through her killer 'Miss Exchange's Brainstorming Sessions'.

Hinda Abbazy
Miss Legal - A friend in need is a friend indeed. So glad I got introduced to Miss Legals through a friend. They are not just lawyers but their personalized advice and empathizing approach to solve your problems is what melts my heart. Restored my faith in humanity.

Samia Taika
As an entrepreneur I often got into difficult situations. I decided to try Miss Legal and with her quick, direct and honest help to my legal problems there was no turning back. I look up to her for all of my legal needs. Miss Legal is the deal!

Erica Pool
We moved to a new house and within a few weeks got a bad news in our mail containing incurred costs for our old house. Things got ugly even when we cared for people we rented our house to put those on us. Miss Legal covered us with swift and accurate legal response. A life saver!

Ruth Sinkeler
Miss Legal is woman who knows legal and strives to get others their due damn rights! I turn to her often for a quick legal advice for my company. Got to know her from many colleagues and relatives who got served with the same professional fervor and services.

Melinda van Rossen
At Miss Legal I was assisted very well and quickly without having to go through tiresome paperwork on my own. They helped me without myself having to go into legal things that you do not know about.

Sasha Bol
Miss Legal staff was very cooperative. They listened to our problems proactively and devised the best solutions for us within our budget. We would definitely recommend their services.

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